Resources to learn Rust
May 1, 2024
Rust - Roadmap - Programming
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Resources to learn Rust

A curated collection of materials designed to assist learners at various stages of their journey with the Rust.

Table of Contents

Roadmap From Beginner to Advanced Level

Level: Beginner 👶

Free Books

  • The Rust Programming Language : Start your Rust journey with the book.
  • Rust By Example : Learn Rust with examples (Live code editor included)
  • Yet Another Rust Resource (YARR!) : Software engineers who know how to program in a high-level language but aren't familiar with lower-level programming and want to learn to write Rust quickly
  • The Rust Book (Abridged) : condensed version of "The Rust Programming Language". If you're already familiar with one or more other programming languages, then you are likely already familiar with a lot of the concepts the book covers, and you might benefit from this shorter version.



🥷 Level: Intermediate

🌐 Web Backend Development with Rust

  • Rust Axum Full Course : Full Course for Axum: An Awesome Web Framework for Rust. Not too low-level, not too high-level, well-componentized, complete, and with great ergonomics.
  • Build A Full Stack Chatbot in Rust (feat. Leptos & Rustformers) : A walkthrough of building a ChatGPT clone using Rust on the frontend and the backend. Quick introduction to the Leptos framework, Rustformers/llm, and open source language models.

Other Project based tutorials

Rust in Depth

🧙‍♂️ Level: Advanced

Free Books


Level: None 🔮

This section contains resources that might contain from beginner to advanced concepts.

Blog Posts

Reverse Engineering

Curated List

  • Embedded Rust : curated list of resources related to embedded and low-level programming

Rust Language Cheat Sheet

Youtube Channels on Rust

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